Dr. Lupita Rodriguez-Feike D.D.S.

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Family Dentistry in San Antonio since 1979


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Do you need a dentist in San Antonio?  Dr. Rodriguez-Feike can

  • Help give you clean, healthy teeth
  • Restore your smile and make you look younger
  • Help you decide what is best for you
Personalized Service

You can expect a thorough explanation of your condition with Dr. Rodriguez-Feike every time. You can expect to be seen on-time - we understand that your time is valuable. All patients benefit from Dr. Rodriguez-Feikes' 30 years of experience as a working dentist.

Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Rodriguez-Feike uses the most up-to-date technology to keep your smile healthy. For example, the use of digital x-rays allows you, the patient, to clearly see exacty what is happening inside your teeth.

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