Dr. Lupita Rodriguez-Feike D.D.S.

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Look and Feel Great with Cosmetic Dentistry from Dr. Rodriguez-Feike


  • If your teeth have shifted out of place
  • If you have lost teeth
  • If you are going to loose teeth

Dr. Rodriguez-Feike can recreate your smile! By studying a picture of you with your natural teeth, she can recreate the lip and muscle support on your face and turn back the clock to the way you used to look.

Cosmetic dentistry may include using porcelain veneers to
  • shape your smile
  • fill in gaps
  • create even color
  • restore the shape of the tooth
Digital Smile Design

Would you like to see what you would look like after your cosmetic changes? First, we take your picture. Then, with the latest in computer simulation technology, a new picture featuring your desired enhancements is created. You will be able to see how the new change will look before we begin.

Custom Grillz

If you want to change your look, you can create a custom look. Bring in your design ideas for a proper evaluation.