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Teeth Whitening


The biggest cause of tooth darkening is the food that we eat. Liquids such as dark colored sodas, tea and even wine can cause your teeth to darken.

The first step in the teeth whitening process is for you to come in for an evaluation. We will discuss what kinds of results are possible. We will discuss what option will work best for you.

There are 2 methods of teeth whitening : the 1 hour office visit and the take home trays.

Take Home Tray

We dispense an appropriate strength teeth-whitening gel for your particular situation. It comes with a tray that is custom fitted to your teeth. This insures that the whitening gel stays on the teeth, without getting diluted. This method takes an average of 2 weeks to change 6 or more shades lighter.

1 Hour Whitening

This method begins by isolating the teeth. Then, a whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Finally, a special light that is compatible with the whitening gel is shone on the teeth. This process lasts 15 minutes and is repeated 3 or 4 times.

For those patients that have just finished with braces, the teeth whitening process may take longer. The glue that was used to put the braces on will still be present, and the whitening gel takes longer to penetrate it.

Special Offer:

We are offering the Take Home Tray method of teeth whitening for $99. This includes a customized tray for your teeth and the teeth whitening gel.